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How Can (Wise) NRIs Avoid Lifestyle Inflation?
Shoes, bags, watches, cars and more.. There are so many things to buy. If you have the money, it is[...]
6 Personal Finance Habits of Successful NRIs
Let us face it. Money is important for a good life. But it is not just important to earn money.[...]
7 Things Banker Wishes NRIs Don’t Know About Financial Planning
Financial planning includes a myriad of things. A banker may not be the best person to entrust your financial plan[...]


Why Do NRIs Want To Return To India
As per a report by the Ministry of External Affairs compiled in December 2018, the number of Indians abroad (NRIs,[...]
Dipali Shares Her Life’s Experiences As An OCI
I remember that Dipali was our first OCI client & definitely that day in 2011 - I would have google "QROPS[...]
Mr Yogendra Shares His Life’s Experiences As An NRI
Yogendra Ji is my favorite client.. not because he pays fees on time 🙂 but I think I have personally learned a[...]

O​​​​ur goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.

- Pablo Picasso


All about FCNR Deposit for NRIs
NRIs have many investment options in India but FCNR is one of the most ignored ones... You can read all[...]
Mutual Funds For NRI In India – Comprehensive Guide
Whenever I ask an NRI about there investments in India - most of them share a list of properties that[...]
Should NRI invest in India – Why, Where & How
NRIs have access to the whole world & that's the reason question is why should NRI invest in India? If Yes.[...]

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