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We love getting gifts. Gifts might involve a lot of emotion and tradition. But we have to consider practical and mundane things like rules and taxation when it comes to gifts in terms of cash or assets.

NRIs can give and receive gifts in cash or kind (jewelry, antiques, property) to and from relatives and non-relatives in India. Check NRI Gift rules & exemption limits…

You can also get NRI Gift Deed Format from the end of this post

nri gift tax india

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NRI Gift Tax India

Let us look at the tax implications of gifting for NRIs but first check basic definitions which will help you in understanding the rules & other issues.


The Income Tax Act defines a gift as any asset received without consideration like money or money’s worth. It can include cash, movable property, immovable property, jewelry, etc.

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Relatives and Non-relatives

The treatment of tax on gift in india is different when given to relatives and when given to non-relatives. The following people are considered relatives –

Father Child’s Spouse
Mother Grandchildren
Stepmother Grandchild’s spouse
Spouse Siblings
Children Stepsister and Stepbrother
Stepchildren Siblings’ spouse.

All other persons are considered non-relatives.

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NRI Gift Rules 

  • Immovable property can be gifted to an NRI provided the remittance of sales proceeds does not exceed USD 1,000,000 per year.
  • NRIs can get gifts from relatives in the form of shares and securities provided the gifts do not exceed 5% of the paid-up capital of the company; the sectoral cap is not breached and the NRI is eligible to hold the securities.
  • A gifts received from a specified trust, specified fund, or as a scholarship from educational institutions is not taxable.
  • If the gifts are an immovable property outside of India, it is exempt from tax.
  • The value of the gifts cannot be considered as a deduction while calculating income tax.
  • Income received from a gift in India is taxable in India whether the receiver and giver are Resident Indians or NRIs.
  • When you receive gifts, make sure the necessary documentation is in place.
  • Cash gifts that exceed Rs. 2,00,000 can be subject to penalty. Ensure that you get the relevant gift through cheques or bank account transfers.

nri gift

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Gift by NRI to Resident Indian

NRI gifts to Resident Indian – Let us look at the different scenarios when an NRI gifts a Resident Indian

  • Gifts from NRI Relative are exempted from tax – When an NRI gives gifts in the form of cash, cheque, items, or property to a Resident Indian who is a relative, both giver and receiver are exempt from tax in India.
  • When an NRI gives gifts in the form of cash, cheque, items, or property that is within the value of Rs. 50,000 to a Resident Indian who is not a relative, both giver and receiver are exempt from tax in India.
  • When an NRI gives gifts in the form of cash, cheque, items, or property that exceeds the value of Rs. 50,000 to a Resident Indian who is a non-relative, the gift tax is payable by the receiver. The amount is added to the receiver’s income and taxed as per the income tax slab applicable to the receiver.
  • When an NRI gives gifts in the form of cash, cheque, items, or property to a Resident Indian for marriage or through will, both giver and receiver are exempt from tax in India irrespective of the ‘relative’ status.

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 Gift to NRI by Resident Indian

Resident Indian gives a gift to an NRI – Let us look at the different scenarios when an NRI receives a gift from a Resident Indian

  • A gift to NRI Relative are exempted from tax – When a resident Indian gives a gift in the form of cash, cheque, items, or property to an NRI who is a relative, both giver and receiver are exempt from tax in India.
  • When a resident Indian gives a gift in the form of cash, cheque, items, or property that is within the value of Rs. 50,000 to an NRI who is not a relative, both giver and receiver are exempt from tax in India.
  • When a resident Indian gives a gift in the form of cash, cheque, items, or property that exceeds the value of Rs. 50,000 to an NRI, who is a non-relative, the gift tax NRI is payable by the receiver. The amount is added to the receiver’s income and taxed as per the income tax slab applicable to the receiver. The maximum limit for such a gift is USD 250,000 in one financial year. [This limit is defined under LRS (Liberalised Remittance Scheme) – the total amount of foreign exchange purchased from or remitted through, all sources in India.]
  • When a resident Indian gives a gift in the form of cash, cheque, items, or property to an NRI for marriage or through will, both giver and receiver are exempt from tax in India irrespective of the ‘relative’ status.
  • When a resident Indian gives a gift in the form of shares or securities of an Indian company, the total value cannot exceed USD 50,000 in one financial year. The gift should follow the regulations of RBI regarding NRIs holding stock in Indian companies.

When you give a gift or get a gift, make sure you understand the rules regarding gifts and the tax implications and act accordingly. wiseNRI

The information that I shared in the above post is one part of the story – issues can be complex based on your resident status. If we talk about the USA – you can gift up to $15,000 in a year. This is not that simple but just an example. So check the rules in countries where you are staying.

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NRI Gift Deed Format

It’s important to sign gift deeds & keeps them safe to avoid issues in the future. Many readers were asking for sample NRI gifts deeds that they can copy. So I have added ready to use gift deed format for immovable property & even movable property.

Please share any additional information or experience that you have about a gift to NRI or gift from NRI – that will really help all readers. If you have any questions related to NRI gift tax – feel free to add them in the comment section.

nri gift tax india
Published on March 29, 2018

Hemant Beniwal

Hemant Beniwal is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER and his Company Ark Primary Advisors Pvt Ltd is registered as an Investment Adviser with SEBI. Hemant is also a member of the Financial Planning Association, U.S.A and registered as a life planner with Kinder Institute of Life Planning, U.S.A. He started his Financial Planning Practice in 2009 & is among the first generation of financial planners in India. He also authored Bestseller book "Financial Life Planning". 

  • My son who is a UK citizen wants to gift Rs. 5 lakh from his NRO account in India . Will I have to pay tax for it ? Thank u .

  • I want to buy a car of Rs.18.00 lacs from the amount to be remitted as a gift by my daughter who is NRI (In US). Is there any complication or tax implications?

  • An australian citizen having property in India, makes a gift deed to an indian, is the Australian has to pay taxes for gifting hisproperty inindia

  • My son who is German citizen & now having his own starts up in San Francisco. He has also applied green card which is already approved. He wants to gift equity shares which is holding to his parents in India. I want to know if it is possible, if yes HOW?

  • Want to collect money as gift from India, just want to know is that taxable? its the same money which I have sent to my mother as gift.

  • I wish to open a JOINT indian saving bank account, me the father/mother resident as first name joint with son who is oci(us resident Can we.?Who will be responsible to pay taxes on intetest etc

  • I am an Indian resident Suppose every 3 months intervel I get 3 lakhs rupees from A person he /she is an NRI It is taxable in india What is its tax treatment? I don’t have any relation with him/ her?

  • NRI Brother gifts house to his resident sister. now sister wants to sell the house. purchaser want to deduct tds @20% as the first owner is nri. Is it correct

  • I want to gift 15000 dollers to my daughter in usa. I am a pensioner ( senior citize) how much tax will be deducted by State Bank of india

    • Hi Sanjay,
      If you sell the property to your brothers and if you get any consideration against it, then it will not be considered as a gift.

  • Can NRI daughter gift property to mother , what will be tax calculations, can I buy that property if it is gifted by NRI daughter to mother

  • My father (an Indian citizen living in India), wants to give me (US citizen living in US), $1 million in gift. Can he transfer $250,000 to my bank account in the US? Since there is limit of $250,000 per year, can he deposit the remaining $750,000 in my NRO account that I can repatriate at a later date?

  • what is tax laibility for me Resident Indian to send/gift to my Permanent Resident Son In Canada? and what is the procedure to remit?
    Bhupal singh walia

  • If I received some money from abroad on the behalf of my business partner’s bank balance after his death. Is that amount will be taxable in India.

  • An NRI in Canada is likely to get a flat in India worth Rs.1-50 crores inherited from her uncle.What are the requirements as per FEMA and Income Tax Act.

  • I am an Indian living in the UK. My parents wabt to send me  £100,000 as cash gift to purchase a property here. Do I need to pay tax on that money here in UK?

  • My son moved to US for studies acouple of years ago and now is working on H1B visa.He has a joint savings account in india with me. Can he transfer money from his indian account to usa

  • Gift in foreign currency from friend received in India on June 2019 Rs.80000.This income is taxable in case of Resident and ordinarily residentResident and not ordinarily resident Non Resident

  • Person from New your send me Pavel of gift which I don’t know what is there now I am receiving calls percel with your name is contains jwellary and cash so you have to give remmitte can and tax yet not received

  • If i received gift in india and form USA and which is cost of above 90 thousand then deplomats directly deliverd to my place or i have to take from indian deplomat office.what would be delivery charges i have to pay.Kindly guide me.

  • Can a nri send money to their parents savings account from US to India.. if they can send how much can they send at max for a year

  • Does gift from Resident Indian to his NRI son in the form of money transfer to son’s NRO account, comes under USD 1 million per year category or LRS category limited to USD 2.5 lakh per year. LRS is only for outward remittance from India to US NRI account by a Resident, I suppose.

  • My daughter who is foreign national wants to send gift to me. what is maximum amount i can receive without tax liabilities

  • Can you pls advice the best option to send 40 lakhs to nri children by indian resident ? Transfer to account in india or otherwise?

  • My brother in law who is an NRI wants to transfer funds to my sisters India saving account , around INR 14 lacs. He wants to temporarily do this as he is shifting jobs so is it possible for my sister to return the money back from her Indian account?

  • my friend want to send gift to me he is from us and I’m from India so if i received the gift how much i have to pay it

  • Can an NRI dad resident of dubai, gift a flat in dubai to his indian resident daughter. And if its rented there and the proceeds are used there itself, does she need to declare such rental income here.

    • Hi Dorothy,

      As per my Knowledge, Its better to consult with a Tax Consultant in USA First, Then you can take a Help of a Financial Advisor in India.

  • My nephew is in Canada I want to gift him 9000cad because he is buying a house can I send him by bank without tax

  • If I want to send Rs 20000 as a gift to my friend in USA who is an American. What is the procedure and implications

  • I am an OCI and I want to gift my flat in India to my sibling. Anything I should be worried about in terms of tax etc?

  • How much money can my parents gift me and my wife from india? We are Indian citizens on work visa in US? What are tax implications and limit.?

      • if I’m getting every month 1000 to 2000$ from my sister(real) who is nri usa. do I need gift deed of every month

  • My cousin ( Real Uncle’s son) is a US citizen, residing in US, wants to make gift of Rs.20,00,000 to me resident, ( an indian citizen by birth).
    Please specifically advise if:
    a) This is allowable as free of tax to him & me?
    b) What is maximum limit for such tax free gift he can make me? Is this maximum limit of gift applicable for one Financial Year or life term basis?
    c) What formalities or say documentation required toi make/accept such gifts?
    List out the steps of action required.
    d) Please share the Gift deed format required by I T Authorities in India as an acceptable & complete document.
    Would be thankful if provided needed authetic information addressing above querries.
    D K Gupta

  • My daughter and son both are NRI. That want to send air ticket .I want to know how I will show that in my itr

  • Indian parent wants to gift by way of bank transfer to son in USA for wedding expenses …… is it permissible or any tax implications for both

  • 1.We have a Construction company
    2.An investor from Australia wants to invest in our company
    3.he wants 15-year agreements
    4.He is willing to transfer 20 percent as a gift amount
    5.remaining 80 percent as loan amount for fifteen years
    6.we are not any relatives.
    7. What is the best option…
    A) should we go for full 100 % as gift amount
    B) Should we take 80% as loan and 20% as gift
    C) what will be the tax implecation on receiver ( on our company) D) the amount of investment is approximately 75 crores in indian rupees..
    looking forward for your kind guidence..

    • Hi Pavan,

      As per my knowledge, If you Received it as gift then it will be taxed as the Investor is not Considered as Relative. If you go for loan option you can claim the Tax Deduction on the Intreset paid.

  • My mom has a FDR in india. Because of covid 19 she is not able to go.Is any procedure can i cash it if she gives it to me. We are in Canada

  • What is the maximum amount of gift I can give my NRI son from my Indian resident account to my sons Indian NRO (non resident ordinary) account

    • Hi Ajit,

      As per my knowledge, You need to register the Gift deed and also need to show the Amount of Gift while filing ITR.

  • Someone sent me parcel from UK and the amount is 45000 pound .how mich tax i pay in India to receive the parcel?

  • Can grand parents resident in India transfer money to minor grand children staying abroad ? What is the monetary limit in a financial year?

  • Can NRI give money in dollars in USA and get that money back in rupees in India what are tax implications?

    • Hi Akshat,

      As per my knowledge, If the gift is received from Non-Relative then it will be added to Income from other sources.

  • Hi dear, my aunty lives in New York City USA if my aunty wants gifts to me her own property is possible if possible how is the process

  • I am OCI. I want to start organic farming in India. I know OCI can not purchase farmland however my uncle is ready to gift my five acres land for organic farming. Can I receive it

  • How much us dollars can I gift to immediate relatives with out any tax problems for them..I meant tax free for them.

  • I am staying in the USA ON H1B visa I have my capital in India and want to send it to my account in USA can I do so and m I liable for any tax?

  • i am nre in dubai. want to send 20 lacs INR to my sister saving account in India. want to know tax implication for my sister.

  • I am a European passport holder with an OCI card. My father’s brother who is Indian wants to gift me a property in India. Could you please advise if I must pay gift tax in India ? I know that i must pay gift tax to my Government anyway.

    • Hi Raman,

      As per my knowledge, If the DTAA is signed between the two governments then you can claim the tax refund from one country.

    • Hi Chetan,

      You can tranfer the Money from Your NRE account to family Resident account with the Consultation of a CA.

  • I want to check how much money can my husband who stays in USA can transfer to me (I’m in India) which is tax free for me and my husband?

  • My daughter who in NRI in US want to gift me 1 Lac dollars and I want to invest that money for purchase of a property in India. Will that money will be taxable here and also can I get that money in one go?

  • What is max limit that my daughter USA green card holder working in USA can send money as gift to her mother?

  • My son lives in the US. A flat was bought in2004 with bank loan. The registration was done both in his and mother’s name. We live in his flat here in India. After about 10 years the balance of loan was paid off from his mother’s funds, accepted by the bank. Son is contemplating to gift the flat to his mother. Now as such in the present environment is it possible to effect on-line transfer U.S to INDIA.

  • Hi Hemant. Can I check if I can send gifts such as cosmetics to my family back in India and not get taxed on it? I am an NRI and holder of Indian Passport Holder based in Singapore. I would typically use a corporate DHL account to ship. Any tips ? Thanks

  • Do we have to register or notary for this gift deed also if doner is in USA and receiver is in India can what will process to make sign on gift deed

  • I am an Indian citizen and want to give 150000 USD as a gift to my brother under LBS .Should I have to pay 5% TDS on that amount?

  • Can my daughter who is a resident of Canada gift me ( father ) money to my resident savings account in India. Any limit and any tax is there

  • My friend is in Canada and he is a Canadian citizen who bought a property in Bangalore in the year 2003. He wants to gift it to his friend in India. what are the permissions required to be obtained from RBI?

  • I m going to sell my house in India n me n my daughter r US citizen. Can I gift her that money from the sale of the house?

  • My mother is a resident Indian. What amount can she gift to my NRI sister in cash, bank transfer without Income Tax provisions?

  • I am senior citizen and my sister in USA wants to send money as gift. How much she can send so that tax is not levied.

    • Hi Vijay,
      As per my knowledge Yes you need to be physically present to register the property under your mother’s name or if you have a power of attorney then you need not come to India.

  • My father just got a friendship from a person from UK as we only have a few months of knowledge. Two days ago he asked for our address and we gave him. He said that he need to send a gift and we decline it. but yesterday he send some expensive items and about 50000 dollers in it. And to today morning there was a call they said it was from customs and told as to pay about 35000 .we cheked the no in truecaller but there was no number .so we said him that we can’t afford much money.so can we bow return this gift?

    • Hi Meghana,

      As per my knowledge, you will not be able to claim the custom duty back and, Yes you can return the gift but that will incur courier charges.

  • Friend who is staying in UK wants me to add money in Amazon wallet against that she will send money on my bank account in India while paying tax will this count?

  • Money deposited as a gift by my father in India in my s nro account is transferred to my sb NRE account and from sb NRE it is transferred to my USA account. now, how can i show to USA authority that this money is received into USA account as gift money from my father to me?

    • Hi Sharayu,

      As per my Knowledge, In India there will be no taxation on sending gifts to close relatives but the receiver’s taxation will depend on the other country.

  • i m an nri staying in usa. my father gave me a gift of rs. 5 lacs . he deposited this money into my sb nro ac. in india and this amount from sb nro accouunt is transferred to sb nre account in order to transfer the amount to my usa acount and subsequently the amount of rs. 5 lacs is transferred from my sb nre acHcouunt to my usa account. what r the precautions and documents etc., r required by me to show to usa tax authorities that this money is transfferred to my usa account towards gift bby my father to me?

  • I am a NRI living in Germany. I have following immovable properties in India. 1). a House worth 25.00.000 INR and 2). a residential plot worth 40.00.000 INR. I want to know the follwing:

    1. I want to gift these properties to my sister, resident of India. Does she or I have to pay, for this gift-transaction, TDS or any Income Tax in India?
    2. If my sister sell these immovable property in India, does she have to pay TDS od Income tax in India?
    3. Can my sister gift me 50.00.000 INR by bank transfer, in my NRO bank account in India, in future (after 2 to 12 Months), after selling these properties. Does she or I have to pay, for this transaction TDS or any Income Tax in India?

  • What do you mean if a gift exceeding 200000 is given in cash to NRI relative it will attract penalties from income tax. I transfer money through my bank will income tax department will impose a penalty if I remit more than 200000.

  • Suppose I live in the Uk and am a national. Can I receive financial help from my relative in India to make a house purchase in UK?

  • If we receive any gift from the UK to India. From relatives or nonrelatives. Like cash or worth full gift. In India we have to pay GST it’s compulsory.

  • If a Resident Indian gives gifts of 50,000 each to more than 1 NRI, both of them non-relative, will there be any gift tax implication for Resident Indian?

  • If I send 50 K to someone who has already received 50 K by someone else in India. Will 100 k be taxable to the Indian citizen?

  • My son is in the USA he is transferring money to my account in India, and I am investigating such money to buy a residential property, does it taxable?

  • If I am a citizen of the USA and an OCI of India – I have NRO accounts there. But if I want a relative to transfer money from there to my US account. How can I do that legally and what are the limits?

  • My mom who is a resident in India wants to gift me and my sister money. I am in the USA. Can she gift both of us $15000 each without us reporting for gift tax? Also is there an RBI regulation for a 7 lakh gift in India ?

  • My mom is an Indian resident and wants to gift me Rs 4 cr from the sale proceed of a residential property ( she will pay all gain tax etc ) whilst I’m a foreign national with an OCI card. Can she transfer my money directly to my overseas account and make a gift deed for the amount of $550,000 or give me the gift in India and I convert it from my NRE account and remit it to my account overseas without paying any taxes? Please advise.

  • I am an OCI seeking to gift rupees of 2,00,000 to my nephew in India. I understand as the amount is more than 50,000 Rs there would be tax implications for him. I had read somewhere that he would need to give an undertaking that he would pay whatever taxes are owed in India for that money. what letter is required for that in addition to a gift letter? Would you have a template I could use? Thanks

  • Does a foreign national who is resident in India have to bring the gift of movable to India which he receives from another foreign national?

  • My elder sister wants to gift a piece of land out of love. I am US citizen. She is an Indian citizen. will this be taxable?


  • Want to gift permissible amount to my grandchildren in the USA through my Indian bank account . Do I need a gift deed done.

  • Indian Citizen If Get Any Residential Property Abroad as a gift (Having no rental income) so do that Indian citizen need to file any form in India stating his property received as gift abroad (having no rental income).

  • My daughter is in japan and is planning to buy a house property. Can i send money from india and if yes how much and the formalities thereof?

  • My Daughter & Son in law are PR holders of Canada & I, father resident of India ( Indian Citizen). How much I can gift them in an financial year without tax liability in India ? Is there any slab for such transaction?

  • Indian Citizen If Get Any Residential Property Abroad as a gift (Having no rental income) so do that Indian citizen need to file any form in India stating his property received as gift abroad (having no rental income)

  • Indian Citizen say Mr. M If Get Any Residential Property (House) Abroad as a gift from Mr. C (Having no rental income from that residential property and Mr. C living in that home ) so do that Indian citizen Mr. M needs to file any form or any paper work in India stating his that house property received as gift abroad (having no rental income)

  • I am a nri. My mother who is 80+ yrs old want to gift money to me. Can she prepared future gift deed as money is tied to investment.

  • my uncle daddys younger brother is an NRI who want to give me gift in cheque above rs.100000/- to his nephew who is an indian resident. whether that amount is taxable.

  • We were visiting India recently. On our 50th wedding anniversary, we received 2 gifts (each less than INR 50000) from close relatives while in India. Am I allowed to deposit cash (Two deposits- each less than INR 50000) in my NRO account? I am a person of Indian origin settled in USA for past 50 years.

  • If my son (US citizen) opens a US Trust account in which I(Resident Indian) and my grandson (US Citizen) are the beneficiaries, and if that Trust account sends any funds to me in India, will I have to pay tax in India?

  • I want to gift to a distant relative who got married. I want to give 4 lakhs to him to buy some utility items as he married recently. I’d like to know if I have to show in return for IT?

  • From the proceeds of the sale of the property, a person would like to send money to their son in the USA. It is understood that there is TDS for such transfers. What is the maximum limit that one can transfer? Does this rule has exemptions for purpose of transfer like gift or family maintenance?

  • What would be the total cost for the transfer of ownership flat (gift deed) without any exchange of money from sister to brother? Catholic from Mumbai holding an NRI Card. Thank you!

  • Hi, I am an NRI residing in UAE for more than 10Years. I want to send INR 20 Lacs from my ICICI NRE Saving A/c to my wife saving a/c who is a resident Indian. She will use this money to buy agricultural land in India. What will be Tax Implications for both of us?

  • Can a resident Indian who owns a Co outside India offer full of those shares (100% of ownership) along with retained earnings as a gift to his sister, treating it as a gift with full exemption from Indian income tax on his global income relating to those shares?

  • My son is in the USA and is NRI. He wants to know, if he invests in the Indian stock market directly to equity, now and let’s assume that he earned 40*/* return on sale within 1 year /2 year. In that case, what will be the tax impact in India? And how he can transfer that money to the USA? What will be tax impact in the USA, while he transferred these money to USA. Currently, at USA, he is in highest bracket of tax.

  • My son is an Australian citizen. He is facing hardships there. Can I gift him money after selling my plot which I have inherited from my father through a will? How he will be taxed? what will be my tax liability in India, if any for me?

    • Hi Rakesh,
      Yes you can send him money and there will be no tax in india. You have to pay long term or short term capital gain tax.

  • I and my wife have been receiving funds from my son in the US ON H1-B for quite some time. Now with my advanced age and of less need, I would like to send back as much as possible. Those amounts have been shown as Gifts in some years and Ln in year’s return. Now, what is the possibility and liability in the present scenario?

  • If any Indian resident parents, father, or mother gives money to NRI Son in the USA for maintenance as a gift, will this money be taxable in the USA for the son in the USA?

  • if any Indian resident parents, father or mother gives a money to NRI Son in USA for maintenance as a gift, will this money is taxable in USA

  • My wife’s brother who is NRI wants to gift me, my wife & 2 daughters in a cheque, what are income tax implications on these gifts? Can he transfer directly from his US account or he has to transfer to his account in India and then transfer to us?

    • If the gift value exceeds the value of Rs 50000 then it will be taxable for you and your wife as per the tax slab. and if your daughters are minor then it will be added to your income and will be taxed accordingly. He can transfer the money through his US account also.

  • Can a property be bought by an NRI in the name of his son and later on once it is sold can the proceeds come to the NRI account?

    • Yes an NRI can buy the property in the name of his son and he gets the money in his NRI account after paying
      tax on short term or long term gain.

  • I am a foreigner studying here in India and my cousin from Australia wants to send me a watch as a gift. The value of the watch is 15700rs is it going to be taxed? Thank you

  • A gift parcel was sent by my friend from the UK with some gifts as well as some currency inside as a gift to me. but in India after reaching the parcel they asked to pay 25000 as a transport service. ok, I paid for that. later they scanned the parcel and said this box has currency in bulk. so need to pay a penalty of 50000 rupees. ok, it is also paid. but now they r again asking to pay 45000 rupees for the exchange of UK currency.Ok now what am I saying is that if I get the gift parcel along with foreign currency later I can exchange. why I have to pay for that.is Delta Courier Delivery company from the UK to India a trusted company?.is it true.

  • My uncle had german passport but he has some parental property in india which he wants to gift his brother in india. Is this possible to do so?

  • My NRI son wants to transfer money to me for purchase of car . Whether gift tax has to be paid and any gift deed has to be signed by my son?

  • I am a person of Indian origin (holding US passport). I received 2 gifts each under INR 50000 from relatives on our 50th wedding anniversary. The funds were deposited in NRO account. Why I am receiving emails from the Indian bank to specify the source of funds.

    • Can my sister transfer (gift deed) her ownership flat to me having an OCI card and how much would it cost? What documents would it require since I don’t have an Addhaar Card? We’re Catholics from Mumbai! Thank you!