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NRIs are not very familiar with Portfolio Investment Scheme or PIS account so we have tried to reply to all possible questions regarding PIS scheme in this post…

When an Indian becomes an NRI, the domestic bank accounts, Demat accounts, and trading accounts are to be closed or status to be changed if allowed.

So how do NRIs participate in the Indian market? How do they invest in stocks and bonds?

NRIs can use the Portfolio Investment Scheme by RBI. Read on to know everything about PIS –

All About The Portfolio Investment Scheme (PIS)

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What is Portfolio Investment Scheme in India?

Portfolio Investment Scheme (PIS) is an account that can be opened by NRIs to buy and sell shares, debentures and bonds issued by PSUs in the Indian stock market. NRIs can apply for IPOs through the PIS as well. It is a scheme initiated by RBI.

How Do I Open a PIS Account?

The NRI has to apply to a designated branch of a bank, which deals in Portfolio Investment. All transactions will be routed through this branch.

The NRI will need an NRO or NRE savings account and a PIS account to manage his transactions.

The NRE Savings Account is for investments made out of money repatriated. The NRO account is for investments to be made on a non-repatriation basis.

Submit the PIS application form to the bank with the requisite information and documentation to open the PIS account and Demat account.

Is PIS mandatory for NRI?

Yes and No. If your question is about the NRO PIS account – it’s not mandatory to have a portfolio investment scheme for NRI is not mandatory. But in the case of NRE where funds come from outside India & can easily be repatriated – RBI wants banks to track &  report all these transactions.

What are the requirements for a PIS account?

Usually, the requirements for a PIS account are :

  • Identity Proof documentation.
  • Overseas Address Proof documentation.
  • Valid Visa.
  • PAN Card.
  • Photographs of the investor.
  • PIS Permission letter.
  • Form for opening of account.
  • Approval letter from the designated bank where the PIS is opened.
  • Some banks require a minimum amount to be in the PIS account.

There are some charges that have to be paid to open a PIS like account maintenance charges and Approval fees.

How do I use the PIS account?

Once the account is set up and connected to the NRE/NRO savings accounts, you will get your login credentials. You can buy and sell shares, debentures and bonds. Payment can be made through inward remittance of foreign exchange/funds in the NRE account for purchase on repatriation basis or through the NRO account for purchase on non-repatriable basis. On sale, the amount can be credited to the NRE/NRO accounts if the sale is on repatriable basis. If the sale is on non-repatriable basis, the sale proceeds can be only credited to the NRO account.

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Can NRI open Multiple PIS Accounts?

No, RBI allows only one PIS account. If you want to open a new account, you have to close the existing one.

Permitted Credits/ Debits in NRE PIS account? 


  1. Inward remittances in foreign exchange though normal banking channels;
  2. Transfer from the NRI’s other NRE accounts or FCNR (B) accounts maintained with Authorised Dealer in India;
  3. Net sale proceeds (after payment of applicable taxes) of shares / convertible preference shares /convertible debentures /warrants/ units acquired on repatriation basis under the Scheme and sold on stock exchange through registered broker; and
  4. Dividend or income earned on investment made on repatriation basis under the Scheme


  1. Outward remittances of dividend or income earned;
  2. Amounts paid on account of purchase of shares /convertible preference shares/ convertible debentures /warrants/ units on repatriation basis on stock exchanges through registered broker under the Scheme; and
  3. Any charges on account of sale / purchase of securities or units under the Scheme.
  4. Remittances outside India or transfer to NRE / FCNR (B) accounts of the account holder of the NRI or any other person eligible to maintain such account.

Source RBI

Are there any restrictions for PIS?

It is important to know the rules of operating the PIS. There are certain restrictions:

  • It cannot be used for day trading. Delivery of instruments is compulsory.
  • Short selling is not allowed in the PIS.
  • For both repatriation and non-repatriation stocks, an NRI can invest only up to 5% of the paid-up capital/paid-up value. The ceiling can be extended to 24% with special permission is acquired wherein t, if the General Body of the Indian company passes a special resolution to that effect.
  • RBI regularly monitors the data and can put an embargo on your bank account if you exceed prescribed limits.
  • NRIs can invest in futures and options of stocks based on certain conditions.

Can it be a joint account?

No, the joint holder is not allowed in the case of PIS.

Can NRI do intraday trading?

No, NRIs are not allowed trading. They can buy stocks & sell only after they got delivery in their accounts.

portfolio investment scheme for nri

Do I require a PIS account for Mutual Funds?

No, you don’t need it for mutual funds. Many people think that a Demat account is required for Mutual Fund investments – actually, even in the case of online purchase it’s not required.

PIS investment account is not required if NRI is selling the stocks which he purchased when he was resident India.

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It is important to have a diversified portfolio of investments. India’s growth story is intact and it might be in your interest to make wise investment decisions.
Investment matters are more so if you are an NRI. But managing them is not impossible.

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If you have any questions on the portfolio investment scheme in India – please add in the comment section.

All About The Portfolio Investment Scheme (PIS)
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  • Q:Why NRO PIS accounts are prohibited from applying for IPO by a reputed private bank. Any known bank which allows me to invest in IPO with my NRO PIS account?

  • If I convert my existing NRE account to NRE PIS account, will there be any issues for me to do personal transactions with the account or I should only use the account for Shares purchase/sell??

  • Hi.

    Under LRS, it is allowed to remit upto USD 2.5lks PA abroad to children by parents for many purposes one on which is As Gift/Donation also.

    If children are NRIs n are
    already holding NRE account in India, can the same amount of USD 2.50 lks PA as allowed under LRS be transferred directly by parents from their local account into their children’s NRE account through any authorised dealers/banks in India?

  • If the portfolio value of the NRI PIS account is 1 crore or above then does the NRI need to get the same audited?

  • Which banks allow to open PIS now, tried calling Icici and Axis and both are not taking applications to open account.

  • If an NRI buys a bond through NRE PIS account …is the principal and interest paid back in NRE or NRO…Also,how can you find which are NRI eligible bonds.

  • Im an NRI from Singapore and I was able to open my demat account in upstox while I was in India for an 1 month vacation during Jan/Feb this year using my India number that is linked to my Aadhar. My KYC states I am a NRI and my upstox account is liked with my NRO account. I am able to buy stocks via the app and I dont intend to do intraday as I am more towards purchasing and holding my stocks for long term. Am I supposed to realign any of this arrangement, as I later found out that NRI has different restrictions for investment in Indian stock market? Or is it fine to continue with the current arrangement?

    • Hi Nandakumar,
      For permission, you have to apply for it at your respective bank to that the RBI has authorized to administer the PIS.

    • Hi Mathew,
      As per knowledge the basic difference between NRE And NRO PIS account is the secondary market transaction executed in NRE status will be reported to RBI and hence routed through PIS while the secondary market transactions executed in NRO mode will not be reported to RBI.

    • Hi Kanika,

      As per my knowledge you can transfer it to another broker. You can consult with your broker for the procedure.

  • How can I transfer my pis account from one broker to another broker? I understand we can hold a pis account with one broker only for NRI?

  • I need to open a trading account in Zerodha. For that, they are asking a PIS letter. how to get it…I am having an NRI account with HDFC bank.

  • I have an NRE trading account it has been opened for more than 30 years I want to sell all my holdings, do I have to do any special procedure?

  • Do I have file tax since I am OCI and only rs 70000 long-term gain, Rs 60000 dividends, and Rs 20000 interest income? 20 % TDS is already deducted. I also paid donations of Rs33000 in 2020-21.

    • Hi Amit
      Yes, you must file the Income Tax for the year because your income is below the threshold limit thus you are eligible for the refund.

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